Bull's Eye Awards: Solution of the Year

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    Steve Wexler

    | Posted 2009-12-17



ClearPointe Technology
A leader in managed services, privately-owned ClearPointe Technology, Little Rock, Arkansas, was named Contender for its solution for a nationally accredited technical college. With over twenty campuses from Hawaii to Florida, the college needed to launch an online campus to stay competitive and expand in the constantly evolving private education industry. The massive project was completed in less than five months, and it estimates it will save nearly $1 million in the first year of operation.

The college's server hardware at all sites was due for lifecycle refresh, and at the same time an additional strategic goal was to merge two former datacenters into one new central datacenter.

Technical requirements included moving and consolidating 60 application and back-office servers at two datacenters into a new central datacenter at a third location, upgrading another 70 physical servers distributed at the campus sites, and deployment of new routers and new telecommunications circuits to over 25 sites. Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization was used to reduce each campus server footprint from three server chassis to one, and the datacenter physical server count was also cut by over a 3:1 ratio. Achieving a 70% reduction in the number of physical servers needed to run their distributed enterprise, sharing 'Green IT’ benefits such as lower utility bills for the life of the hardware--less than 40 physical servers nationwide replaced over 130 retired servers, saving over $400,000 in hardware costs.

Another significant cost saving for the customer was enabled by switching to a pure Window Server 2008 Terminal Server "RemoteApp" environment from a previous Citrix-based solution. Over $200,000 was saved in license costs and another $200,000 was saved by replacing third party tape backup and web content filtering solutions with new native Microsoft technologies.


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