Bull's Eye Awards: Solution Provider Marketing Program of the Year

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    Carolyn April

    | Posted 2009-12-17



Denali Advanced Integration
In 2009, Denali’s high-flying events and targeted local marketing programs drove leads and business while increasing awareness in its home territory of the Pacific Northwest.  The services and integration firm took advantage of close relationships with key powerhouse partners like Microsoft and HP to build its brand and get prospects clamoring through the door of its 2009 events marketing series.

Denali’s smart market approach made its hometown of Seattle the heart of its lead generation and awareness strategy. By partnering with the local paper and sponsoring regional sports events (along with sourcing partner HP), the company was able to heighten its visibility among its prospect base. Also, the company held a variety of local events attended by some of the industry’s top power players, including HP’s CEO and Chairman Mark Hurd and CEO of the Gates Foundation and former Microsoft executive Jeff Raikes, whose event attracted nearly 350 local businesses.

Denali’s relationship and its co-marketing activities with Microsoft are paying off extra big for the services firm. On what has become the infamous Windows 7 launch day, Denali turned many a Microsoft partner green with envy as the software giant tapped Denali to present its array of Microsoft consulting services to attendees and press at the highly publicized event.

Denali’s marketing efforts seem to be working. Customers are flocking to events and maxing out attendance. This year, as in years past, many of its events sold out in advance, including its Healthcare CIO summit, its internal Tech Fair, and its annual customer and vendor appreciation golf event.

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