Bull's Eye Awards: Solution Provider Marketing Program of the Year

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    Carolyn April

    | Posted 2009-12-17




Eze Castle Integration
Start spreading the news—selling into N.Y.-based hedge funds and investment firms is no easy task. It’s tough differentiating a company and communicating a message to some of the wealthiest business folks in the world. Technology service provider Eze Castle Integration spent 2009 doing just that, and, consequently, garnering leads through its creative marketing programs run jointly with key partners like Microsoft, VMware and Avaya.

Microsoft’s SMB-focused Into the Clouds Event in NYC spawned one of Eze Castle Integrations’s most creative marketing initiatives and produced significant prospect and marketing buzz. Promotion of the event, held at the Rainbow Room, involved a three-stage teasing mailer that unveiled clues like a mini rainbow and a view of the New York City skyline, and culminated in the delivery of the formal invitation. Tricks and innovative marketing thinking caused Microsoft to honor Eze Castle Integration with the 2009 New York Metro General Manager Award for Sales and Marketing Excellence.

Along with one its other major power partners, Dell, the company threw other creative and fun events that promoted the product and appealed to the tastes of its target audience. In NYC, Eze Castle Integration and Dell hit a homerun when they hosted a hundred hedge funds at a Yankees game, which included a tour of the stadium and product briefing. And, in the Windy City, Dell and Eze Castle Integration threw a Chicago-style steak dinner party to educate prospects on Dell’s EqualLogic storage solutions.   

This company’s activities are an example of effective marketing; so many marketing efforts, while well-meaning, produce nothing because they are not targeted and focused. These were.


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