Bull's Eye Awards: Solution Provider Marketing Program of the Year

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    Carolyn April

    | Posted 2009-12-17



DLT Solutions
DLT’s marketing "factory" focused on results and measurable value—and, it’s paid off. The government-focused IT reseller grew its revenue 20 percent year over year from 2006 to 2007, then again to 2008, finishing with $504 million in sales. Even in 2009, a year faced with economic challenges for every business sector, DLT is still on track, anticipating double-digit growth. In large part, DLT has some marketing hands to shake and a few champagne glasses to raise in order to say a big thank you to its marketing team for its continued success. 

Realizing vendors are DLT’s bread and butter, the company focused on driving leads for its vendors through a scientific, measurable metric system that ensures every dollar spent is, literally, a dollar earned. Marketing VP Christine Schaefer set up DLT’s marketing organization like an assembly line, with an integrated team structure and tools for forecasting, workflow management and measurement intended to drive exceptional sales results.

DLT’s marketing account managers function like an agency within the company—identifying sales targets, working with their individual sales VPs, and defining and executing a marketing strategy that produces leads and sales. DLT’s workflow management system and analytics tell the team quickly if the plan is working and, sometimes, more importantly, if it is not. Marketing can redistribute resources and refocus its budget money to deliver the results required to keep growth constant and sales coming in.

It seems to be working. Not only is revenue growth repeatedly meeting 20 percent year-over-year rates, but, in the last year alone, DLT’s marketing program ran more than 1,900 marketing activities that resulted in more than 3 million direct customer touches and more than 55,000 proactive leads.


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