Bull's Eye Awards: Master MSP of the Year

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    Steve Wexler

    | Posted 2009-12-16



Do IT Smarter
If there’s anyone who understands the issues surrounding the switch to a managed service provider model and the challenges associated with starting a new MSP business, it’s Do IT Smarter. This San Diego-based master MSP began its life where its customers are today – as an MSP at the beginning of the decade. It was just in 2006 that the company was in the midst of shifting to its new role as a master MSP.

Led by CEO Don Begg and President Lane Smith, Do IT Smarter began that shift by offering an Instant MSP option to aspiring managed service providers. The franchiselike approach provided those businesses with training, mentoring and a platform for their services for an initial fee of $1,999. Two years later in 2008, Do IT Smarter had signed more than 160 such providers.

The idea was to apply the lessons learned in its years of operating as an MSP to help others get a leg up in the business. By partnering with Do IT Smarter, VARs could avoid the costs of setting up their own data center while still retaining customer ownership.

Serving as a master MSP has not been without challenges, too. For example, when the managed services platform that Do IT Smarter had based its business on, SilverBack, was acquired by Dell, the company looked at its options and eventually opted to offer customers an alternative platform – Level Platforms - as it continued to also support its SilverBack MSPs. That ability to adapt to the changing industry continues to serve both Do IT Smarter and its MSP customers well.

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