Bull's Eye Awards: MSP Enabler of the Year

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    Lawrence Walsh

    | Posted 2009-12-15



ConnectWise (TIE)
Some vendors have channels. Some venders have customers. ConnectWise has a community of fiercely loyal and highly enthusiastic managed service providers that swear by its professional services automation (PSA) platform. As one solution provider recently told Channel Insider, "ConnectWise is the operating system for my business."

In the early days of managed services, MSPs would track their customer activity through expensive, over-powered ticketing systems, home-spun applications, simple spreadsheets or paper documents. PSA tools such as those developed by ConnectWise automated the tasks of creating and tracking job tickets for managed services. What made PSA different from other ticketing applications is the addition of analytics that gives MSPs deep insight into their customers’ needs and their own operational efficiency.

ConnectWise was born from the minds of accountants Arnie and David Bellini, who applied their love of numbers to PSA principles. Over the years, ConnectWise has taken its founders' accounting roots and applied it to features such as customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, time and billing management, service-level agreement reporting, and enterprise resource planning in a cost-effective package.

What really makes ConnectWise different is its commitment to the ecosystem it’s built with MSPs. Some would argue that MSPs are ConnectWise’s customers, but ConnectWise doesn’t treat them that way. With its enablement and support programs, ConnectWise treats its MSPs as partners and works to grow their businesses. ConnectWise more than most vendors understands that the success of its partners equals its own success, and for that ConnectWise has earned the Channel Insider Contender Bull’s Eye Award for Managed Services Enabler of the Year.




Kaseya (TIE)
The world of managed services vendors is typically divided in two camps: remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools and professional services automation (PSA) application providers. Kaseya is unique in that it spans both of those worlds and goes a lot further in providing MSPs with a complete platform for delivering remote management of network assets.

What does Kaseya offer MSPs that’s different from everyone else? In a word: extensibility. Managed solution providers swear by the company’s management tools for their ability to deliver the services, as well as adapt to the changing needs of the market and individual businesses.

The release of Kaseya 6 earlier this year only bolstered the company’s position in the eyes of users. The new platform is a complete overhaul that provides new, easier to navigate workflows, social connection tools , improved scheduling capabilities for automated functions, financial analytics for reporting and resource planning, and overall performance improvements.

Kaseya knows its success is tied to the success of its users. It provides among the best education and enablement programs in the managed services community by publishing copious reference materials and hosting or underwriting extensive training programs.

Kaseya continues to demonstrate its commitment to advancing the state of the art in managed services and fostering a vibrant and productive MSP ecosystem. For that, Kaseya has earned the Channel Insider Contender Bull’s Eye Award for Managed Services Enabler of the Year.

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