Bull's Eye Awards: Deployment of the Year

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    Steve Wexler

    | Posted 2009-12-17



Cisco-specialist Troubadour turned out to be the 'shining knights of poetry' for its home town when it completed a multi-threaded, highly complex network refresh project for the city of Houston. Spanning 23 departments, 500 locations and more than 2,000 devices, the project was daunting. But with Troubadour’s expertise, the work was completed with no unplanned downtime and money in the bank -- nearly a half-million dollars to be exact, remaining in the City’s project budget. City CIO Richard Lewis called the project, "unprecedented."

What made this project so tough beyond its size? An initial network assessment across 141 city locations discovered that 90 percent of the network infrastructure had blown past product end of life and beyond the support contracts with the vendors. Additionally, no new applications could be supported by the aging and antiquated network. To boot, there were an utter lack of standards, with different network equipment from 18 vendors installed across city departments.
The project eventually involved upgrading more than 2,000 network devices at 500 sites in three phases. Today, the city has a network in place that can be leveraged as a platform to implement several other key initiatives it has planned, including expanding its ERP system, implementing a new Active Directory structure and integrated Exchange email system, and other public safety specific initiatives that would not have been possible without the refresh of the network infrastructure.


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