Bull's Eye Awards: Cloud Computing Program of the Year

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    Chris Gonsalves

    | Posted 2009-12-22



With a name like ZAPP, the Zoho Alliance Partner Program had better deliver, and indeed, the cloud applications provider has been quietly and steadily growing, adding new resellers from around the world, and adding capability to its robust API program. With nearly 200 resellers and counting as of earlier this year, Zoho is building a solid cloud computing channel, and the Sunnyvale, Calif., company expects to see steady partner growth in 2010.

Zoho has had to keep ZAPP flexible in order to serve regionally based reseller partners worldwide who are providing a range of services, from CRM to consulting practices. While their approaches differ, most are focused on helping their customers make the leap from desktop applications to either a hybrid desktop-cloud approach or to a purely Web-based applications environment.

According to Ian Wenig, senior director of Strategic Alliances at Zoho, ZAPP has been concentrating on making integration of various Zoho applications as easy as possible, with a host of free APIs that allow partners to integrate Zoho services into their own existing Web portals or applications. The APIs have helped Zoho extend its distribution channel by letting external parties access Zoho functionality without having to develop similar apps on their own. End users simply sign up from a partners' site and have access to basic applications. Zoho is currently expanding the API program to offer advanced, multitiered functionality.

"I am very pleased with the progress being made, particularly because we are forging new ground in the SaaS arena, creating what I believe to be a unique ecosystem with some advanced features that no one else is offering," says Wenig. "We are committed to our partners and will be focused on executing on our strategy of addressing a globally diverse customer and partner base employing the latest technologies and business models."

For all of these reasons Zoho has earned the Channel Insider Challenger Bull’s Eye Award for Cloud Computing Program of the Year.


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