Amazon Kindle Fire: Five Good Things, Five Bad Things

  • By

    Don Reisinger

1. Good: Design

1. Good: Design

The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a solid design, featuring a great, black bezel and a non-slip back that ensures it won't fall off the desk when you're not careful. Plus, at just 0.45-inches thick, it's nicely thin and mobile.
Amazon's Kindle Fire is on store shelves now for $199. And at that price, you can expect to get a pretty solid tablet that runs Android, comes with a 7-inch display, and allows access to the many Amazon services, including the Kindle e-book store and Prime Instant Video. But should you buy the Kindle Fire? After all, no tablet is perfect, and considering there are so many tablets on store shelves, including the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, among others, making that decision is becoming increasingly difficult. Here's a look at five positive features of the Amazon Kindle and five drawbacks to the Amazon tablet.
This article was originally published on 2011-11-22
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