Acer's iPad Challenge: 10 Ways Acer Can Beat Apple's Tablet

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Go to AndroidAcer seems quite excited over the possibility of Windows 7 making inroads in the tablet market, but Acer should consider Android. The software is the most popular OS in the smartphone market right now, and it will likely appeal to both corporate customers and consumers. With the right version, Acer could get quite a bit out of an Android-based tablet.
In a recent interview, Acer chairman JT Wang said that he expects Apple's iPad market share to fall to around 20 percent within the next few years. He told the Chinese magazine UDN that, like Macs, which have a very small percentage of the computer market, Apple's iPad will be the fashionable, but trailing player in the space. Wang's comments are awfully strong, and they speak to his company's desire to break into and dominate the tablet market, just as it is looking to reach the number one slot in marketshare for the PC space. In fact, Wang hopes to bring several tablets to the market over the coming years to combat Apple's iPad. Whether or not he'll be successful is up for debate. But as Acer continues its trek to become the world's largest PC maker, it's hard to bet against it. Still, in order to achieve its goals, Acer first needs to overcome Apple in the tablet market. Here's how Acer can beat the iPad.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-31
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