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Customers are floundering with PCI compliance mandates, but that's where the channel can step in. Savvy solution providers can cut through the complexity to help prioritize projects for customers and make money by focusing on the following seven areas.

Web Monitoring and Filtering
With so many threats today coming from dangerous web sites, be they owned or hijacked by malicious hackers, web monitoring and filtering products are more important than ever. Keeping bad guys from gaining unauthorized access to endpoints via Web infections is critical for customers who would like to keep the black hats from using these systems as stepping stones further into network resources.

This is why the PCI Security Standards Council has focused so heavily of late on web and web application monitoring and filtering techniques as an important component of compliance. While these types of tools are more heavily used than others in this category, there is still room for improvement--particularly among less mature organizations. According to Aberdeen, well over 3/4 of best-in-class organizations use monitoring and filtering tools. But among less-mature organizations, approximately 37 percent still don't have any of web monitoring or filtering technology.

Given the content filtering market shift toward the SaaS model, this niche is a good one for security channel partners intent on setting customers up with affordable solutions that offer the partner a smart recurring revenue model.


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