Data Discovery & Classification

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Customers are floundering with PCI compliance mandates, but that's where the channel can step in. Savvy solution providers can cut through the complexity to help prioritize projects for customers and make money by focusing on the following seven areas.


Data Discovery and Classification
It is pretty darned difficult to protect all of your customers' sensitive credit card data if they don't even know where it's all stored. The statistics bear this out. According to the landmark Verizon Business RISK Data Breach Report released last year, 66 percent of all the breaches Verizon analyzed exposed data that the organizations didn't even know was on their systems.

Discovery and classification are used by many self-aware organizations as the foundation to both a solid PCI and overall security program. Less well-used than other techniques and tools, discovery and classification still has room for growth. Currently these tools are used by nearly half of the most mature PCI-compliant organizations. But they are only utilized by a miniscule 14 percent of laggards.

Not only can channel partners sell these tools as a means to preventing sensitive data from falling through the cracks, they can also tout them as a means to achieving scope reduction within massive and complex infrastructures. By pinpointing the location of sensitive data and prioritizing just how sensitive that data remains, channel providers can help customers decide to protect a select number of systems rather than spending the dough to lock down everything.


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