25 Facts You Should Know About SAP

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    Gina Roos

25 Facts You Should Know About SAP

25 Facts You Should Know About SAP

SAP is seeing continued success with its HANA platform and has made inroads in the cloud and mobile spaces and has set its sights on IoT and big data.

The transformation of SAP SE, a leader in software enterprise applications, into a cloud-based software vendor has bolstered the company's bottom line over the past year, along with two key acquisitions, now part of the company's Business Network. In 2014, much of SAP's growth was driven by its cloud business and continued success of its SAP HANA business suite. The database, applications and analytics platform is available with cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment options. Touted as a major innovation for the company, SAP revamped the HANA platform with the launch of SAP S/4HANA earlier this year, describing it as "redefining the concept of enterprise resource planning for the 21st century." The new suite is designed to spur the adoption of the Internet of things (IoT) and big data analytics—two growing technology trends for channel partners in the IT industry. Here are 25 facts that you should know about SAP. (This is an update to a March 23, 2011 slide show written by Ericka Chickowski.)

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