10 Ways to Fix Acer

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    Don Reisinger

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Get Serious About Acer CloudAfter buying iGware, Acer will turn the service into Acer Cloud. The company says that the offering will be made available in a host of its services. That's a good thing. But Acer Cloud can't be the only way the company doubles down on cloud computing. The future of the marketplace is in the cloud, and Acer must do everything it can to be there. If it's not, it will fall short.
Acer has made some headlines as of late by acquiring cloud-services company iGware. Some in the industry are a little confused by Acer's move, since the company has long focused most, if not all, of its efforts in the computing space. But Acer's decision to acquire iGware speaks to its desire to crawl out from the rut it currently finds itself in and reestablish itself as a formidable brand in today's hotly contested technology industry. Of course, the road back to prosperity in the tech space will be a long and hard one for Acer. The PC maker has lost market share at a dramatic rate over the last year, and it's now the fourth-largest company in that space behind HP, Dell, and Lenovo. To say that Acer is facing troubled times, and more issues could be afoot, would be an understatement. Even so, there are ways to fix Acer. It won't be easy and there may be some missteps along the way. But here's how Acer can right the ship.
This article was originally published on 2011-07-29
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