10 Ways the Consumer Market Is Changing IT

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    Don Reisinger

1. Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

1. Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

Apple's iPad has been a huge success in the consumer market. And due to that success, it's starting to make some inroads in the enterprise. IT decision-makers are buying them for employees, and in some cases, allowing employees to buy them on their own and bring them to their operation. It's an interesting change that's affecting the enterprise in a big way.

Technology has long been under lock and key in the enterprise world, with the IT decision-makers paving the way for what was and wasn't acceptable to use in the office or to connect to the corporate network. Users had little input into what PCs, software and mobile devices they were permitted to use. However, as consumer technologies have become more portable, from Apple's ground-breaking iPhone and other smartphones to the iPad and its rival tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, employees—and the IT teams who love them—are being forced to adapt. No longer is corporate email available only on company-issued BlackBerry smartphones in many enterprises, midmarket companies and SMBs. Users with their own devices are hooking them into the corporate network, checking their email on corporate servers and sometimes even using their personal devices to tether corporate laptops to the Internet. And this trend isn't likely to go away anytime soon as Android-based devices and others begin flooding the market for both consumer and enterprise smartphones and tablets. The following slides show how devices like the iPad, iPhone and others are changing the ways companies and their employees interact through technology.

This article was originally published on 2011-01-18
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