10 Things the iPhone Needs to Improve Enterprise Attraction

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Better MultitaskingMultitasking is central to the success or failure of any mobile platform for enterprise customers. And that's precisely why Apple should do its best to improve its multitasking. Of course, that's not to say that it doesn't work well now -- it does -- but there should be an easier way to quickly switch between apps. And as current iPhone owners know, managing open apps can be troublesome at times. Simply put, an improved multitasking option would be nice to see in upcoming versions of iOS.
Apple's iPhone is a huge success in the consumer space. With each passing month, more and more people are going to Apple stores, AT&T retail locations, and other places to get their hands on the hardware company's smartphone. They not only believe that it delivers unique value, but they also think that it trumps most other smartphones on the market. In many cases, those beliefs fall in line with the value proposition Apple's smartphone offers. But in the enterprise, the company is still trying to catch its stride. It's not that the iPhone hasn't been marketed more towards the enterprise in the past couple years - it has - but it lacks some features that would make it a better option for most companies. And until Apple realizes that and delivers some of those features, it might have trouble breaking out of the belief that it's a consumer-focused product. Simply put, Apple's iPhone needs some new features to make it more enterprise-friendly. Here's how Apple can make iPhone enterprise ready.
This article was originally published on 2010-12-03
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