10 Things That Will Determine the Fate of iPhone 4S

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    Don Reisinger

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The iPhone 5 HypePrior to the announcement of the iPhone 4S, people around the globe were ready to get a glimpse of the iPhone 5, a major upgrade over the iPhone 4. The only issue is, that device didn't launch. Now, many consumers are disappointed, wondering where that handset went. Apple isn't saying, but the disappointment created from the lack of an iPhone 5 launch could prove troublesome.
Apple showed off its iPhone 4S at an Oct. 4 event. The handset, which is the latest entrant in the company's wildly popular iPhone line, comes with a host of improvements, including a dual-core processor, a new 64GB storage option, and the ability for owners to use the device anywhere around the world by connecting to GSM networks. What's more, Apple has been able to deliver 4G-like speeds without requiring folks to connect to 4G networks. Best of all, the iPhone 4S has the same price as its predecessor, the iPhone 4. When the iPhone 4S launches on Oct. 14, speculation abounds that the device will perform extremely well at retail. Preorders are already very high. After all, the iPhone 4 has been quite popular, and the iPhone 4S is an upgrade over that device. Plus, as we head into the crucial holiday-shopping season, Apple has the right handset to succeed. But just because the company's devices have succeeded in the past, it doesn't automatically mean that the iPhone 4S will be a success. Quite the contrary, several factors will determine its success or failure in the mobile space. Here's a look.
This article was originally published on 2011-10-11
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