10 Risks Tim Cook Should Take With Apple's Business

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    Don Reisinger

1. Build A Smaller iPad

1. Build A Smaller iPad

When Steve Jobs was running Apple, he said that he didn't believe it should launch an iPad with a 7-inch screen. But the Kindle Fire is so far successful and price points matter in that market. A smaller iPad might mean a change in direction, but is that so bad?
Having taken over the company from Steve Jobs earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has several choices he will need to make as the company moves forward. Will he want to continue on the same path Apple has been heading down, staying on course? Or will he want to take a few risks and see if he can effectively lead a company that would seem to be on cruise-control? If Cook wants to make a mark and go down as one of the best Apple CEOs ever, he'll need to choose the latter course and, as Apple itself said in an iconic ad, "think different". Sure, it would be easy to stick with the same strategy, but Apple has become a special company by taking chances. Some products missed the mark (think the Apple Newton) and others, like the iPad and iPhone, have become smashing successes. With boatloads of cash on hand and a host of products consumers are drooling over, what better time for the company to take a chance? Here we take a look at some of the risks we think Cook should take if he wants to step out of Steve Jobs' shadow.
This article was originally published on 2011-12-01
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