10 Reasons to Leave the Tablet Home And Bring the PC On the Next Trip

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Think About ProductivityThe nice thing about bringing a laptop on a trip is that it allows users to be productive. They can use a full operating system, like Windows and Mac OS X, and perform any task, ranging from surfing the Web to checking e-mail. On a tablet, some of those simple tasks are available, but not all of them. Tablets are great. But for productivity purposes, they fall short against laptops.
As tablets become more popular around the world, a growing number of people are deciding to leave their laptops at home when they go on a personal or business trip and bring their slates instead. Those folks reason that their tablets can offer the same basic functionality as their laptops, including Web browsing and checking e-mail, but deliver more mobility. It's a concept that, at first glance, seems to make some sense. But before those folks leave their notebooks at home and head out on their trip, they should consider some of the things they're giving up by choosing a tablet over their favorite mobile computer. Not only will they lose productivity, but they also might not be able to perform all the work-related tasks that they can on their notebook. What's more, tablets tend to be more fragile, making them potential liabilities for some users. Simply put, it might be a better idea when going on your next trip to leave your tablet at home and bring your laptop instead. Here's why.
This article was originally published on 2011-08-17
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