10 Reasons the PC Age Is Alive And Well

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    Don Reisinger

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Desktops Are Still NeededFor years, folks have been saying that desktops will die off. But so far, they haven't. They're still as relevant as ever. For good reason. Desktops offer a level of power and usability that isn't found elsewhere in the computing space. And that won't change anytime soon.
Some say the Age of the PC is over -- that the traditional PC is dead as products such as the iPad and other tablets attract more users from both the enterprise and among consumers. Tablet sales have climbed dramatically while PC sales indicate that we've indeed entered a mature market phase. Even the every reliable PC replacement cycle is failing to deliver like it used to. To add insult to injury the leader in PC sales, HP, is talking about potentially selling or spinning off its PC business. And critics point to the end of the Microsoft Windows era as PCs go the way of punch cards. But all that talk may be no more than just talk. The fact of the matter is, the PC Age is still here, and desktops and laptops will survive (and thrive) over the next several years. Sure, tablets are important, but they're not taking parts of the pie from laptops; they're making the pie bigger. Here's why the death of PCs has been greatly exaggerated.
This article was originally published on 2011-09-20
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