10 Reasons Smartphones Are Better Than Tablets

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Ultimate MobilityTablets and smartphones both offer mobility. However, smartphones deliver even more mobility, making them an ideal option for road warriors and others who spend time away from home.
In the mobile market, there is an ongoing debate over what devices are best for consumers and enterprise users. For the most part, those discussions revolve around the different devices companies sell. For example, some folks wonder if the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is best. And convincing arguments can be made for either device. But there is, perhaps, a more compelling argument to be made for another device -- smartphones. While tablets and smartphones can both deliver mobility, the same operating systems, and applications, they may seem seem equally competitive. But in reality, they're not. As nice as tablets are -- and they are quite nice -- they aren't as appealing as smartphones. Handsets are simply the best options for both consumers and enterprise users alike. And if those folks are trying to decide between a tablet and a smartphone, the latter is best. Here's why.
This article was originally published on 2011-08-15
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