10 Reasons Apple's iPhone Gets All the Attention

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    Don Reisinger

It's All About Apple

It's All About Apple

If the iPhone was from any other company, it simply wouldn't be the iPhone. Apple is the top company in the industry, and it has used that to its advantage. Its successful and trusted brand has helped propel its devices to the top of their respective markets, and the iPhone is no different.
A quick Google search of the term "iPhone" reveals billions of results. More results than units every produced. Everything from the newest information on the upcoming iPhone 5 to old reviews of the outdated models of Apple's game-changing handset. The sheer breadth of content available in search results about Apple's iPhone is enough to blow away even the most cynical. But why does the iPhone get all that attention? Does it have something special that other devices don't? Does it offer more appeal than other devices out there? Quite simply, yes and yes. But there's more to it than that. The iPhone has received all the attention in today's wireless industry because of a host of factors that other devices simply can't capitalize on. Like it or not, the iPhone has earned its position as the most important device in the industry. And all the attention it gets is the result of years of hard work put in by Apple and its supporters. Now, Apple is reaping the benefits of that.
Here's a look at why Apple's iPhone has beat out every other device.
This article was originally published on 2011-09-08
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