10 New Year's Resolutions for RIM

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    Don Reisinger

1. License Software

1. License Software

The last thing RIM should do is make its BlackBerry operating system exclusive. The company's software is still a solid choice for many enterprise users, and there are a host of companies that want to break into that space. Why not help them by licensing the software?
The year 2011 hasn't been the most successful for Research In Motion. The mobile company tried to improve its position against Apple's iPhone and Android, but to no avail. And in the tablet space, its BlackBerry PlayBook failed to live up to the hype of becoming the go-to slate for enterprise users. Meanwhile, as its financial performance has plummeted and its co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie continue to stubbornly stick to the same strategy, shareholders have grown tired of watching the company struggle. To say that it has been a difficult year would be an understatement. But there's always 2012. In the next 12 months, RIM has the opportunity to fix its mistakes, right the wrongs of 2011, and go a long way in proving that it really does know what to do in order to be successful in the mobile space. Of course, it won't be easy. Apple and Google are still looming large in the mobile market, and there is a good chance that those platforms will continue to creep into the enterprise. And since RIM's tablet business is all but lost, there's really no chance for the company to grow its business through that sector. So, as RIM looks to 2012, the company must resolve to change if it wants to compete and get back to being a top player in the mobile space. Here's a look at how RIM can do that in 2012.
This article was originally published on 2011-12-29
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