"Video Over IP" Plugin Developed For Skype

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Spontania has developed a "Video Over IP" plugin for the Skype VOIP software kit.

Skype users can now download a free plug-in from Dialcom that will enable video conferencing using the Skype P2P engine, reports Faultline, in an article posted on The Register. The Spontania Video4skype, allows any users with a webcam connected to their PCs and a Skype account and broadband internet access, to make video-calls using the Skype client.

So far, the service is completely free. Video4Skype is also encryped with a 128-bit key, in case you don't want a random stranger possibly viewing the googly-eyes you're making at your girlfriend. The only limitation is multi-point communication; only two people can be connected at any one time.


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