Intel Shoots For RISC Strongholds with Xeon 7500

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Intel says that its Nehalem EX chips, now called Xeon 7500, are going after the high end of the processor market that has been dominated by RISC-based offerings from companies such as IBM Power and Oracle SPARC. But at the same time, Intel did nothing to diminish the place of Itanium in its line-up of high-end chips.

NEW YORK—The way Shannon Poulin sees it, about 95 percent of the servers shipped every year are x86 systems powered by chips from Intel or Advanced Micro Devices.

The other 5 percent, however, make up about 40 percent of worldwide server revenue.

"That’s a small number of units for a large part of the revenue," Poulin, Xeon platform director at Intel, said during a meeting with reporters here April 6. "We’re trying to bring volume economics to that space."

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