Analysts: Dual-Core PowerPC G5s Due for Apple

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The company will pack a forthcoming dual-core PowerPC 970 processor into future Mac desktops and even notebooks, analysts predict.

Power Macs and PowerBooks could gain new power plants in the near future, analysts say.

IBM's chip group has been mum on details relating to its PowerPC processor line of late, but analysts expect it to deliver a dual-core PowerPC 970 and possibly a single-core sibling with less of a power appetite. Apple Computer Inc., in turn, could use the two chips to refresh its high-profile Power Mac desktop and PowerBook mobile computer product lines.

Although none of them could confirm the company's actual plans, analysts predict that Apple could discuss its intention to use updated PowerPC 970s—IBM's PowerPC 970 is otherwise known as the PowerPC G5 in Apple parlance—as soon as its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco next week.

The conference, which traditionally kicks off with a keynote speech by Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, is often the stage for important new product launches for Apple.

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