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Wireless communications tower company Mobilitie calls on The MASYC Group for ERP project

No Time to Waste

Since Mobilitie wanted its ERP solution installed yesterday, MASYC’s main concern was a speedy delivery. To shorten the process, the integrator developed the EnterpriseOne solution in-house on its own hardware while waiting for hardware to arrive at the client’s site.

"There wasn’t enough time to wait for their hardware to be set up, so we did it in our lab and transitioned it when their hardware was set up," says Stenquist. "The hardest thing was getting enough time from the players, who were running around growing their business, to train them on the software. It was like doing heart surgery while running a marathon."

The operation was a success: Not only did the patient live, but Mobilitie was able to continue its rapid expansion, sometimes adding 1,000 cell towers at a time, Stenquist says. The client uses a full range of EnterpriseOne’s capabilities, including accounting, general ledger, fixed assets, job costing and human resources, he says. The ERP system lets Mobilitie manage its clients’ current information and provides scalability for future data needs, says Jabara.

Initially, MASYC ran Mobilitie’s accounts receivables department until the staff was up to speed on the system, says Stenquist. To meet Mobilitie’s budget requirements, MASYC used junior staff at a lower hourly rate.

"We don’t always do that," Stenquist says. "But any growing company has to move quickly, and there are always too few resources. We did a lot of helping out. It wasn’t extremely profitable from our end, but we took a little hit and they got a little help with temporary staffing."

Customer Satisfaction

Mobilitie plans to turn its EnterpriseOne investment into a revenue generator, says Jabara. "[EnterpriseOne] allows us to be more integrated with our clients. One goal is to always be as one with your clients."

By giving clients the option of turning over some of their business management tasks to Mobilitie rather than doing them in-house, Mobilitie expects to boost its bottom line and further enhance its customer retention and satisfaction, says Jabara.

"We’re extremely customer-centric and we work very, very diligently on these relationships," he says. "We work in conjunction with big wireless carriers with service and capital. We’re reaching out directly to clients and allowing them to lean on our system."


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