Trend Micro Updates OfficeScan, Data Security Platforms

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Endpoint Encryption 3.1 provides encryption for any device that may carry sensitive corporate data including notebooks.

Security specialist Trend Micro announced enhancements to its OfficeScan, Mobile Security and Data Protection solutions, which includes the ability to integrate management of security, data protection, and mobile management. Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.6 now includes an optional data loss prevention (DLP) plug-in that enables customers to deploy endpoint DLP in minutes, while Mobile Security 7.1 adds support for Apple iPad and iPhone, as well as Android and BlackBerry devices, with an expanded set of mobile device management capabilities, all integrated within the OfficeScan management environment.

In addition, Endpoint Encryption 3.1 provides encryption for any device that may carry sensitive corporate data including laptops, USB drives and removable media. Real-time auditing capabilities support "evidence of control" requirements during audits and following a data breach. The company’s Endpoint Encryption's pre-boot authentication provides a high level of security to encrypted devices.

A recent Trend Micro study shows that IT departments serving more than 200 users have added security point solutions at an alarming rate--in some cases they have a dozen types of software, each with a different directory, administration console and server. "We have quickly found ourselves in a situation where IT organizations must consolidate their security solutions, or risk errors and solution gaps due to this added complexity," said Ron Clarkson, Trend Micro's senior director of endpoint business. "The good news is, Trend Micro has anticipated this situation and provides a reliable way out of it."

The OfficeScan endpoint security framework offers a single client and management infrastructure, single vendor source for software updates and upgrades, and the ability to correlate threat intelligence across the network for greater visibility and control.

"As a school district, we have to be aware of how our data is being handled," said Michael Clark, director of IT, Battle Ground School District. "Right now, we are monitoring what types of information employees are sending out. Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints, with the new DLP plug-in, can help us with our monitoring efforts and therefore improve our understanding and visibility about data movement in our environment. Then we can continue to evolve our internal standards and policies, and take advantage of Trend Micro data protection features as we phase in tighter controls."