Top 20 Security Acquisitions of 2010

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski

Blockbuster: HP Buys Fortify Date:<br>

Blockbuster: HP Buys Fortify Date:

August Price Tag: Rumored to be at least $200 millionSpecialty Gained: Software security
Unsurprisingly, 2010 proved to be yet another bulwark year for security consolidation as players both large and small participated in the acquisition game. With security firms outperforming the IT market by about double and shifting mindsets about how security should be built into IT infrastructure, it's clear why most of IT's major players have been racing to pick up security brands that fit into their overall strategy. These purchases include not only the big blockbuster deals that garnered heavy industry coverage, but also quite a few dark horse acquisitions that have the potential to influence the market or change the way the acquiring company does business. Channel Insider takes a look at some of the biggest deals, both from a sheer valuation perspective and from a transformative point of view.
This article was originally published on 2010-12-22