Whodunnit: RSA SecureID Breach

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski

Russian Mob

Russian Mob

The big bad wolves in the world of cybercrime, Russian mobsters control a huge hunk of the identity theft and fraud black market. Access to tokens that would get them more easily into banking and financial industry systems would further fuel their profitable enterprises.
Due to the sensitivity of RSA's SecurID product line -- it is used by 30,000 organizations and 40 million users, many within the federal government -- it stands to reason why any hacker would be motivated to steal information related to these authentication tokens. With enough intel direct from RSA's data stores, black hats could use it as the "key to the front door" of the digital domain at banks, key pieces of national infrastructure and federal agencies. As a result, the 'whodunnit' list of possible suspects is a long one. It includes a who's who of entities considered to be at the top of the cybercrime game today.
This article was originally published on 2011-04-07