Mobile Security Solutions: Protecting Data on your Smartphone

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    Chris Talbot

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McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management McAfee is one of the biggest players in the security market, and its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) helps enterprises lock down smartphones and other mobile devices. Its complexity truly makes it an enterprise solution, as it includes several different integrated elements that manage mobile security.
Mobile security threats are becoming more of a concern as more corporate data is transmitted or even stored on smartphones and the cyber-criminals of the world are looking to take advantage of that. According to an ABI Research report, the mobile security market will exceed $4 billion by 2014. With growing concerns over lost or stolen phones that may contain sensitive corporate data, the number of smartphones protected by mobile security solutions will increase by five times, the report stated. Even though concerns are rising, there still isn't much caution. The latest news is a virus that affects smartphones has infected more than 1 million smartphones in China since September. The virus is equipped with fake anti-virus software that users have downloaded and activated, becoming its unknowing victims. "The bad guys are out there, and it's a huge industry of fraud, identity threat and viruses. It's predominantly organized crime now and not individuals, so there's a revenue model attached to it and there's a lot of money to be made in it," said Michelle Warren, president of MW Research and Consulting. She warned that this is just the beginning of the cyber-crime industry as it relates to smartphones. Enterprises need to think ahead and start protecting their data yesterday. Here are several vendors that can help you protect your and your customers' mobile data.
This article was originally published on 2010-12-07