End-to-End Device Security

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Print this article Print

Smartphones are everywhere, and they are carrying vital corporate data, whether they are secured or not. With the exposure of 150,000 iPad owners' personal data recently, along with new reports that highlight Android security problems, opportunities abound for channel partners that can create a mobile-security practice for business customers.

One of the biggest problems enterprises and SMBs face from the mobile revolution is the complexity it brings to bear for both IT operations and IT security.  Not too long ago, businesses could simply require their users to only use one or two approved and company-owned devices (usually a BlackBerry) and develop a sound security strategy based on that simple deployment scenario.

But culture and economic factors have come to bear, bursting the bubble of many an in-house IT guru. Whether they like it or not, enterprises must cater to dozens of devices on numerous platforms, many of them owned by the employee. According to Forrester Research, the number of smartphone devices within the enterprise is expected to triple.

With diminished resources and often few mobile experts within their ranks, IT departments crave a solution provider that can swoop in and deal with the mobile-device dilemma with a one-stop-shopping service and product. Partners that can meet that need stand to do very well.

"There's no single vendor offering a complete solution that encompasses all of the different endpoints that exist today in an enterprise, from servers to PCs to laptops to cell phones," says Ran Ish-Shalom, vice president of business development for Onset Technology, a mobile communications security vendor. "VARs [can] act as integrators to make sure that solutions from various vendors can actually work together and provide a unified approach for the different endpoints."