Mobile Device Management Tools: Solutions Round Up

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski

GroupLogic mobilEcho

GroupLogic mobilEcho

Designed to head off problems stemming from cloud storage use to support iPad use, mobilEcho gives IT a secure alternative to offer. It lets the user store and securely transfer files back and forth to a safe file server and integrates with Active Directory to enforce policies and give better visibility into file access.
iPads, iPhones, Android, oh my! More employees are bringing their own devices to the office and connecting them to the corporate network. The practice poses a security risk to the network as well as a data loss risk if devices get lost. Imagine if your banker carried your social security number, account number and PINs on his iPad that he carted around everywhere with him. And what if he forgot it one day at the Starbucks? That insecurity of consumer devices in businesses is creating an enormous opportunity for IT solution providers. The trick is to provide the services customers need, but in an automated way so they don't cost more than you can charge. Here's a look at a host of tools that can help you get a handle on your customers' mobile device management problems.
This article was originally published on 2011-11-21