McAfee Offers Enterprise Mobility Management 9.5

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The company extends security infrastructure through ePolicy orchestrator integration with EMM 9.5 security software.

Security specialist McAfee announced the general availability of its Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) 9.5 software. The EMM software now includes integration with the company’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, providing customers with unified management of their endpoint, network and data security products. The end-to-end visibility and control provided by the McAfee ePO platform is designed to help IT administrators strengthen their protection and drive down the cost of managing their risk and security.

Enterprise Mobility Management software allows companies extend the data center to smartphones and tablets in the same way that they do for laptops, leveraging the native capabilities of the device and the enterprise IT infrastructure to deliver native applications. Features of the latest version of the software include an Enterprise App Store and a full API set for mobile device management, giving IT administrators the ability to create a list of recommended applications-based parameters such as the user and their roles and responsibilities, and sublists, which can be sent to individuals or groups.

"Consumerization of IT has changed the way organizations need to think about security," said Todd Gebhart, McAfee executive vice president and general manager of consumer, mobile and small business. "According to recent McAfee research commissioned by Evaluserve, as many as 41 percent of large organizations have reduced their IT costs and increased productivity by allowing employees to use their personal devices for business. With McAfee EMM software, IT managers can now secure their digital assets against data loss and increased threat vectors with the same control, visibility and security they have with their laptops, desktops and servers."

McAfee now offers Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) capabilities through the Microsoft Certificate Authority, providing authentication for devices accessing the corporate network. Smartphones and tablets can now connect to the network VPN using client certificates, in the same way as laptops. In addition to support for the Android 2.2 and Motorola Droid Pro, McAfee EMM software now extends support for Android 2.3 and offers full support for Android-based tablets. Lotus Domino users using Lotus Traveller 8.5.2 can now leverage the capabilities of McAfee EMM software as well, the company noted.

"In the last year alone we've seen such a range of user devices in our workplace, from smartphones to Apple iPads," said Sumit Sehgal, information security manager at Riverside Healthcare. "The fact that these devices are mobile means that they're also easily lost or stolen, introducing risk. McAfee EMM software has really helped us to be able to say 'yes' to these devices and manage them as an extension of our security infrastructure. We can now secure and manage mobile devices as we do any other endpoint."