How To Reduce Mobile Risks: 10 Ways

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    Ericka Chickowski

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1. Install on-device anti-malware to protect against malicious applications, spyware, infected SD cards and malware-based attacks to the device.
According to a recent report from Juniper Networks, since the summer of 2010, the mobile world has seen a 400 percent increase in mobile malware. During the same time, about one in twenty mobile devices were lost or stolen.
"The last 18 months have produced a non-stop barrage of newsworthy threat events, and while most had been aimed at traditional desktop computers, hackers are now setting their sights on mobile devices. Operating system consolidation and the massive and growing installed base of powerful mobile devices is tempting profit-motivated hackers to target these devices," Jeff Wilson, principle analyst, Security at Infonetics Research. "Businesses need security tools that provide comprehensive protection: from the core of the network to the diverse range of endpoints that all IT shops are now forced to manage and secure."
As channel partners help customers find ways to better manage their mobile risks, consider the following suggestions offered up by the security pros at the Juniper Networks Global Threat Center in the Malicious Mobile Threats Report 2010/2011.
This article was originally published on 2011-06-06