Is the Buzz Back? Tech Start-Ups Poised for Funding and Growth

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    Leah Gabriel Nurik

New VAR Opportunities in the Growing Tech Space

New VAR Opportunities in the Growing Tech Space

In the business of pitching HR solutions to the SMB? Well, take a close look at the recent spike in technology companies hiring. Research finds that 74% of tech start-ups expect to create new jobs in 2010. That means opportunities for VARs pitching hardware and software that supports growing infrastructures-software, services and hardware.
You know things are really on the upswing when start-ups start hiring. Traditionally, the entrepreneurial spirit grabs a hold of opportunity and leads the way out of deep recessions. A new study from the Silicon Valley Bank – one of the leaders in banking and VC funds for the tech and life sciences set-shows that start-ups are starting again, and that means growth for new VARs and budding potential for new customer acquisition. Channel Insider takes a deeper look.
This article was originally published on 2010-04-27