Televigation Service Makes Cell Phones GPS-Ready

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TeleNav voice recognition system helps drivers find their way

LAS VEGAS--If you want the convenience of turn-by-turn voice directions based on GPS technology, but don't want the expense or additional hardware cluttering up your dashboard, Televigation has the answer for you.

TeleNav is a GPS service that works in conjunction with Nextel GPS-enabled cell phones. You can either login into their Web site with your account number to program in a destination, or call a toll-free number and speak your address. A voice recognition system helps you with your destination. Information is downloaded into your phone and the phone, sitting on your dashboard, becomes your turn-by-turn GPS.

The service is $5.99/month based on a yearly contract. In addition, you'll need a digital data plan, available from Nextel for $9.95/month. The data plan is enough to download approximately 80 routes. Check out www.telenav.net for additional information.

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