MPS: Inking the Deal

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Managed print services keep margins strong and customers front-and-center for VARs, and Xerox and HP have recently both announced new investments in their MPS organizations.


Inking the Deal

MPS contracts can last three or even five years. And organizations typically award 100 percent of a contract to one provider, Crowley said.

"What happens is it becomes a matter of account control. Our data shows in 95 percent of the engagements 100 percent of the devices come under a single contract. You win or you lose. It’s that clear-cut," he said.

It’s also apparent that, with more businesses warming to managed services, MPS opens the door to cementing an existing relationship or creating an opportunity for a competitor to creep into a client’s operation if solution providers do not themselves provide this option.

"At the end of the day, if their customer is comfortable with their partner managing their security and their data I think they’ll be comfortable with them handling their printers," said Xerox’s Gall.