Top 5 Reasons to Crack the 3D Printer Market

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    Leah Gabriel Nurik

    | Posted 2010-02-10
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What are 3D Printers?3D printers actually print 3D models using a variety of materials. By using 3D CADD software, an engineer designs a model or prototype – whether it's a house or a prosthetic heart valve-and then, uses 3D printers provided from companies like Objet Geometries, Organovo and Z Corp. to produce a 3D version that can be made from both non-organic and organic resin materials like rubber, plastic or even human tissue. Different printer companies offer different printing materials.
3D is not just for Avatar or star-studded Michael Jackson tributes-even VARs can get into the futuristic game. The demand for 3D printers and the accompanying CADD software required by multiple industries is growing exponentially. Channel Insider put together the top 5 reasons why VARs looking for new markets may want to take a closer look at the 3D printer space.

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