Xen.org Releases Xen 4.0 Virtualization Hypervisor

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The new hypervisor from Xen.org provides fault-tolerance, and improved reliability and availability features in the virtualization hypervisor offering. The technology also provides support for Intel and AMD's newest processors.

Xen.org is unveiling the latest release of its open-source Xen hypervisor, boosting the performance, scalability and availability of the virtualization technology.

Xen 4.0, introduced April 13, offers a host of new features designed to address demands coming from enterprises and the growth of cloud computing, according to Ian Pratt, founder and chairman of Xen.org.

Included in the more than 30 new features are fault-tolerance capabilities. Xen, like other virtualization hypervisors, enabled businesses to migrate virtual machines from one physical server to another for planned outages. However, it became more problematic when the outages were unplanned, Pratt said.