Tech Vendors Add More Jobs

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Silicon Valley giants such as Cisco, Google and Intel have reversed the trend of layoffs and workforce reductions that plagued the industry during the recession. The technology bellwethers are now adding jobs and increasing their headcounts.

Some of the big technology players that are seeing signs of improved earnings and profit are also seeing an increase in hiring and hiring expectations for 2010. Google, Intel, Cisco Systems and others have increased their headcounts in the first quarter of 2010 and will continue to hire throughout the remainder of the year. Even Oracle and Hewlett-Packard — which cut back some full-time positions due to acquisition redundancies with the Sun Microsystems and EDS deals — have stated that they are expecting to hire more workers this year.

Search giant Google saw a nice 37 percent jump in profit in the first quarter and added 786 new employees to its roster in the first three months of the year, the company said April 15 on an earnings call.