Tech Reacts to the Nightmare on Wall Street

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    Channel Insider Staff

    | Posted 2008-09-30

Travis Fisher
Executive VP
Inacom Information Systems

"Any time that capital dries up, it has a negative impact on our sales. By changing our sales strategy to a more cost-conscious approach, we have benefited by showing positive ROI in hard dollars and short payback periods. By justifying why our clients need to continue investing in their company, we have been able to weather the storm.

"..Our clients are a bit spooked by the uncertainty in the economy. The stronger ones are looking to increase their cash reserves to better weather the storm. The weaker ones are struggling to stay afloat. Both groups are leery of entering into long term recurring costs at the moment.

"We have traditionally secured financing from our local bank, with whom we have a very strong relationship.  So long as they can continue to offer us great rates and service, we’ll stick with them.  We’re constantly aware of floor plans from distribution and our manufacturers, and their offers have remained untapped.  This may be an avenue that we’ll have to take a closer look at in the future."


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