Tech Layoffs Climb Above 100,000

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Channel Insider has reviewed publicly available reports of layoffs at technology vendors and solution providers. Since October, more than 100,000 technical, sales and market positions have been eliminated as a result of the deteriorating economy.

Friday is becoming a dreaded day at most companies. What used to be seen as the start of the weekend is now the day most employees are advised they no longer have a job.

Since the beginning of the year, IT vendors have slashed more than 19,000 jobs—mostly sales and marketing positions, but also technical and R&D positions have been affected. Since October, more than 100,000 jobs have been eliminated by IT vendors and solution providers.

Not even the industry stalwarts can escape the economic plague. This week Google announced layoffs of 5,000 temporary and contract workers and 100 staff personnel. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is considering headcount reductions. And Motorola announced a reduction in force of 4,000 workers.

While most IT companies remain cautiously optimistic about 2009 prospects and industry heavyweights such as Intel are forecasting a return to healthy margins, everyone from analysts to IT workers anticipate more layoffs to come.

The following is a list of layoffs by IT vendors and solution providers since October 2008 when the economic crisis began. The list, compiled by Channel Insider, is based on publicly available reports.





January 09Attachmate120
Month to DateAutodesk750
 Google (contractors)5,000
December 08Intrinsyc95
Month TotalAdobe Systems600
13,095Sage North America150
 Lexmark International80
November 08Kodak150
Month TotalSpot Runner115
21,433Nortel Networks1,300
 Circuit City3,400
 Applied Materials1,800
 National Semiconductor330
 Sun Microsystems6,000
 Pillar Data Systems150
 Lawson Software200
 Lam Research600
October 08Micron353
Month Total:Qimonda3,000
46,281Jive Software40
 Sony Ericsson2,000
 MPC Computers200
 Texas Instruments300
 Manhattan Associates150
 ADC Telecoms325