Tablets Computers Must Get Cheaper to Succeed

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Tablet computers like Apple's iPad and even Amazon's Kindle could become highly successful if manufacturers find a way to drop the pricing, according to a new analyst report.

Tablet devices such as the Apple iPad are expected to become "one of the most successful consumer electronic/tech products," with 50 to 75 percent of consumers purchasing one within the next three years, according to a May survey by Boston Consulting Group.

Noting that both single-purpose e-readers, like Amazon.com's Kindle, and multipurpose tablet PCs, such as the iPad, are selling well, BCG surveyed 13,000 consumers across 14 countries, looking to discover the prices consumers would be willing to pay and how they'd use such devices, among other questions. What the survey found was a willingness to purchase - but at the right price and with the right capabilities.