Star Wars: Big Time Vendor Rivalries

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    Carolyn April

    | Posted 2009-08-25
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This one's been kicking up for some time now, beginning years' back when several prominent Microsoft executives defected to Google when it was still a young upstart. The battle royale takes place on several fronts, most publicly in the search market where Google owns 65 percent market share. Microsoft's new search engine Bing is still a distant third with 9 percent market share, but has gained ground over the summer. Microsoft's forthcoming search alliance with Yahoo, No. 2 in the space, is expected to further toss a stake in the ground against Google when it comes to fruition next year.
Whether it's the edginess caused by the recession, the increasing convergence of technologies and solutions or the rush to lead in new markets like cloud computing, competitive furor among many of the major IT vendors is at an all-time high. Former friends have turned foe and in some cases the tone has gotten personal. Read on for some of the more interesting vendor rivalries to watch today.

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