Microsoft Upgrades Dynamics ERP

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The ERP platform for midsized businesses which offers business intelligence tools now includes 350 integrated web services and 400 built-in SQL reporting services.

Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, an ERP platform for midsize businesses, on April 20. The software includes business intelligence reporting tools, functionality for streamlining approval scenarios for daily workflow, and interoperability with Microsoft Office Unified Communications and other software.

Using the software, a warehouse manager could detect any depletion in supplies and reprovision with a few mouse clicks; in theory, Dynamics GP 2010 would even write the purchase order for the new materials in Word, and then e-mail it to the appropriate vendor. The software includes more than 400 built-in Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, personalized Role Centers and interoperability with Microsoft SharePoint; integration with Excel 2010 allows for additional slicing and dicing of data.