Microsoft Responds to Google Executives' Ban

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According to online reports, Google executives have supposedly pushed the search engine giant's 20,000 employees to switch to either Macs or Linux-based machines, following a January security breach that took advantage of an Internet Explorer vulnerability to steal some of Google's intellectual property. Microsoft officials are highlighting the security of its Windows OS in response to Google's alleged plans to transition its employees away from Windows-based systems because of security issues.

Although Google has not officially confirmed that its executives are trying to shift employees away from Windows PCs, online reports suggest that Google is doing so out of concerns for security. Google has blamed a January security breach, which resulted in the theft of intellectual property, on a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

Google itself may have been somewhat reticent to confirm the reports - a spokesperson told eWEEK June 1 that "we're always working to improve the efficiency of our business," while refusing to comment on specific operational matters - but Microsoft decided that confrontation was the best policy.