Lindows to Enter Business Desktop Market

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Lindows.com founder and CEO Michael Robertson reveals his plans to take LindowsOS to the business desktop.

Lindows.com Inc. has been popularizing an inexpensive Linux desktop for the public, LindowsOS, for years with low-priced bundles at Wal-Mart, but this year founder and CEO Michael Robertson is planning to introduce LindowsOS Professional, an operating system for business users.

Not that there's much difference in his opinion between business and home operating systems. "People always like to divide Linux distributions into business and home systems, but Microsoft [Corp.] sells identical products to both communities, and we don't see much difference."

After all, Robertson said, "business users want easy-to-use software too." That isn't to say, however, that LindowsOS Professional will be the same as today's consumer-oriented LindowsOS 4.5.

"With LindowsOS Professional," Robertson said, "we'll be focusing on making work easier for business users who use multiple computers. We're seeing people who use both a desktop and laptop at work or a desktop at work and another one at home to do interchangeable work. What these workers need are office services, universally accessible storage, and follow-me technology. They also want similar work environments on each machine. We want to give them this."

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