IBM Kicks Off Service-Oriented Architecture Strategy

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To support customers in developing and deploying SOAs, the company is introducing new services offerings as well as new products such as WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation, which enables customers to build and integrate applications in SOAs.

IBM Corp. is slated to announce its service-oriented architecture (SOA) strategy Wednesday, including new services offerings as well as new products to support customers in developing and deploying SOAs, the company said.

Scott Cosby, IBM's director of WebSphere Business Integration product management, said IBM has worked closely with its customers over the past six to eight months on solidifying the services and products that are part of the new SOA focus.

"This is the first [announcement] in a multimonth effort over the next two quarters or so" related to the company's SOA strategy, Cosby said.

IBM defines an SOA as a collection of business processes that rely on reusable standard interfaces to integrate applications within a company as well as externally with customers, partners and suppliers.

"You have to be able to break down business processes such that they are aligned with what the business wants to do," Cosby said. "SOAs allow you to build off of these business processes and allow you to do so more quickly and easily."

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