Going Green by Saving Customers Greenbacks

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Customers in today's depressing environment want to hear about reduced energy costs, how to shift from cap-ex to op-ex spending and how to do more with less, in general.

Americans say they want to go green – with a caveat. They want to go green, but not if it means being uncomfortable or inconvenienced. Not exactly surprising.

Those are the findings of a recent national consumer survey by the Shelton Group, which polled 1,006 consumers on making sacrifices to live in a more environmentally friendly fashion. Sixty percent of those polled are looking to buy greener products, but asked to choose between comfort, convenience or the environment, the results shape up a little differently: Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they'd choose convenience, 35 percent said they go with comfort and 26 percent would pick the environment.Below are the percentages of people who would be willing to forgo these staples of modern life if they were found to be detrimental to the environment:

•    iPod – 42 percent would be willing to do without it

•    Dishwasher – 38 percent

•    Microwave – 28 percent

    Cellular phone – 23 percent

•    Air conditioning – 16 percent

•    TV – 14 percent

•    Computer – 8 percent

•    Car – 7 percent

•    None of the above – 24 percent

•    All of the above – 6 percent

From a channel perspective, I’ve talked about the great green way to scores of solution providers and their attitudes have run the gamut from betting their business on green technologies and solutions to claiming this all a bunch of hooey that won’t drive revenues. Truth be told, the latter group is absolutely correct if the way they go about selling green solutions such as virtualization or eco-friendly printer cartridges is to tell their customers it is GOOD FOR THE EARTH.

Oh, and eat your spinach while you’re at it. 

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